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Ellora Cave Temples


The small somewhat separate structure at the very front of the cave now contains three over life size representations of Mahavira and at the right (south) a twelve armed seated goddess (Chakreshwari) with various attributes seated over a Garuda (with a Jina above her) at the left. As she hold numerous "chakra" weapons, she is called Chakreshwari. She comes to the aid of those who hold on to the truth and Jain principles. Acharya Vasunandi's Pradishtasara Sangrah describes her as one with twelve hands. Eight of which hold chakra weapons, two hands hold the vajrayuda and one of the other two hands hold a Pomegranate fruit and the other hand shows Vara mudhra. Chakra weapons signify countless powers and vajra weapons signify limitless willpower. Vara mudhra signifies benevolence and the fruit denotes benefits bestowed. Her vahana is Garuda.

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