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Ellora Cave Temples

floor 1

floor 2

floor 3

Preaching Buddha in Padmasana - (rear right wall - antechamber) - Third floor

On the shorter side walls, dramatically revealed at either end of the long horizontal aisles are nine Buddha images. There are four at the left and five on the right. Padmasana Buddhas (with legs crossed) at either end of the fifth (most rearward) and second aisles flank bhadrasana images (with feet down) at either ends of aisles four and three, while an "extra" padmasana image at the end of the front aisle faces the entrance to this upper floor at the left. These deeply carved images, with their attendant bodhisattvas, elaborate thrones and converging celestial couples fill the hall with a dramatically silent energy. The first two at the right are distinguished by trees carved above them and extra attendant musicians. Often the bodhisattvas are hard to distinguish, lacking very specific attributes, but there are a number of representations of Avalokitesvara with his expected lotus and Buddha in headdress and Vajrapani with the vajra lifted up on a long floral stem.

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