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Ellora Cave Temples

floor 1

floor 2

floor 3

Bodhisattvas, main shrine Second floor

The main shrine of the second floor houses a huge seated Buddha with the earth-touching (bhumisparsa) mudra. Huge figures of Avalokitesvara (on the left), with the lotus and Buddha in his jata headdress, and Vajrapani (or Manjuvajra), holding the thunderbolt on an utpala) flank him, both heavily covered with darkened and damaged plaster. Four large differentiated bodhisattvas (as in the lower floor, but here standing) with associated small seated Buddhas above, appear on either sidewall. On the left, the first holds (in his proper right hand) a lotus flower; the second an indistinct flower; the third an upraised sword, the fourth (with a distinct stupa in his headdress) a flower. On the right, the first holds a flower; the second a flag, the third an expanded lotus; and the fourth a book on an utpala.

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