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Ellora Cave Temples

floor 1

floor 2

Buddha and Bodhisattvas

The large panels on the wall between the central and side arches were probably not part of the original conception of this cave, but are probably roughly contemporary intrusions, for they break the disciplined design scheme of the facade. At the right, we find a notable representation of a crowned Buddha, probably the first in these western caves, and possibly even anticipating related forms in eastern India where, during Pala times, it became increasingly popular. The image, seated in dhyanasana on a three-lion throne (seen here), and displaying the teaching gesture, is flanked by a seated Avalokitesvara with his lotus on the left, and a seated Manjusri, with his tiger-claw necklace and characteristic headdress on the right. Just below, another Manjusri, with the same flower, appears, next to a Buddha on a lotus throne, curiously supported by nagas, since his hand is in the bhumisparsa mudra - a gesture connected with the earth rather than the waters. All three of the bodhisattvas just mentioned show varada mudra, the gesture of offering.

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