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Ellora Cave Temples

floor 1

floor 2

Kamatha's attack on Parsvanath (J6)

Parsvanath is protected by a seven-hooded naga and stands on the opposite wall of Bahubali. To either side, in the middle sections, horrifying creatures attack; a demon riding a ferocious buffalo and brandishing a twisting dagger rushes in from the left, while a similarly aggressive associate rides in on a lion from the right. Just above, a fanged and insistently naked udaramukha (demon with a devouring face for a stomach) brandishes a weapon. The celestials above exuberantly revel at the imminent victory of the saint. Two mermaid-like naginis (wives of the great serpent), and another larger nagini with a serpent hood but human form, hold the honorific umbrella. (The umbrellas staff is not shown, but might once have been rendered in plaster). The familiar couple at the right completes the devoted company.

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