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Ellora Cave Temples

floor 1

floor 2


To the left of the court's lowest level, there is a damaged shrine with a polished lingam in a late-type circular pitha, the shrine doorway being guarded by Saiva dvarapalas with characteristic clubs and assertive poses. On the left wall is a standing Parvati enduring the "five fires" (seen here); two (only) are shown below. She has the ascetic's headdress, rosary, and water jar. Just to the right stand Vishnu with lotus and cakra above; the personified (female) mace (gada) stands below at the left, the personifed (male) conch at the right. Next, to the right, stands Brahma, with three (of four) heads and with rosary and water pot, holding lotuses in his upper hands; the scraggly birds below must be his hamsas. The other wall shows traces of a Ganesa, the head and trunk alone being vaguely visible.

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