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Ellora Cave Temples

floor 1

floor 2

Sub-shrine at the right end of main porch

Buddha panels appear over the pillared entrances of the cells at either end of the main porch. The right one has a number of carvings. In the inner chamber, is a figure of Avalokitesvara, seated in the position of ease, making the gesture of offering in his proper right hand, and holding an expanded lotus in the other. The shrinelet doorway is recessed. Flanking the cell's doorway on the left is Mahamayuri sits above her peacock, holding a feather in her hand. She is paired with Bhrkuti, four-armed, on the right. Of the twenty one small panels in this area which show seated male and female bodhisattvas or Buddhas, at least twenty show the same mudra - the gesture of offering - as seen in the large seated bodhisattva around which they are clustered.

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